In Need of A Water Heater Repair in Beaumont, TX?

We Specialize in Water Heater Repairs

At Larry's Plumbing we have been repairing and installing water heaters for years. When you are looking to enjoy a nice warm shower at the start of your day and you are hit with nothing but cold water you may have a leaking water heater and in need of a repair. We are the leaders in water heater repair in Beaumont, TX. After being hit with the cold shower make sure you check other faucets and sinks throughout your home to make sure you are not dealing with a faulty faucet. No matter what your case maybe we are happy to help. Larry's Plumbing will diagnose the issue and repair your water heater in no time.

When you're having issues with your water heater you need to make sure you call Larry's Plumbing. Leaky water heaters can cause far more issues than just a repair. The leak can cause mold to grow which can be dangerous for you and your family. We will assess the situation your home is in and give you an honest opinion on what needs to be done.

Make sure you know the following three things to keep your home safe:

Make sure you know the following three things to keep your home safe:

  1. Type of water heater you have. This will help when an issue arises or when you need to call us.
  2. Location of your water heater. This will tell us how we can best assess your situation and keep you informed on other areas of your home that may be affected by a leak or repair.
  3. Age of your water heater. If you water heater is in need of a repair but has been use for years over years you may be in need of a new one, but no worries we can help you with that too.

Whatever your case may be Larry's Plumbing will help you with the situation. Call us today to for all your water heater repairs in Beaumont, TX.